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spread financial definition of spread. spread finance term by the ...
(1) The gap between bid and ask prices of a stock or other security. (2) The simultaneous purchase and sale of separate futures or options contracts for the same .

What is spread in banking term
What does TI'S mean in banking terms? Trade Invoice. What is LTR in Banking term? Loan Against Trust Receipts. Another term for diseases that can spread?

The Net Interest Margin: What is it? What does it say?
Aug 3, 2010 . Banks have a number of measures, different from those used to . The usual sources of interest-bearing funds include deposits and short- and long-term . net interest-rate spread, although some banks refer to the spread or .

Gross spread: Definition from Answers.com
difference (spread) between the public offering price of a security and the . do investment banks price underwriting services for American Depository . Barron's Finance & Investment Dictionary Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.


What is spread? definition and meaning
Definition of spread: Commodities trading: Difference between the buying and selling price of the . Popular 'Banking, Commerce, Credit, & Finance' Terms .

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The dynamics of bank spreads and financial structure - ECB
We estimate the dynamic adjustment of bank spreads (that is, . long-term borrowers “implicit interest rate insurance” by smoothing bank loan rates over the .

London Inter-Bank Offered Rate: What is LIBOR (London ... - Quora
What is the conventional way to quote/use it (I hear many different terms, i.e. . In essence, it is the rate at which member banks can borrow from one another in . See note below on CP Term Spreads for what wide / tight spreads can indicate.

Determinants of Bank Interest Spread in Estonia - Eesti Pank
The interest rate volatility, though statisti- cally significant, is relatively modest in spread composition. By imposing. Euribor-linked long-term contracts the banks .

U.S. Banking System In Trouble? - Seeking Alpha
Nov 25, 2011 . Now to a less happy topic, namely the US banks, especially the . looking CDS spread of a major US financial firm in absolute terms – click for .

Spread Definition | Investopedia
The spread for an asset is influenced by a number of factors: a) Supply or . Sign Up For Term of the Day! . Trading The QQQQ With In-The-Money Put Spreads .

Yield Curve as a Leading Indicator - Federal Reserve Bank of New ...
. term spread seem to have a structural break around 1979-1980.

Net interest spread - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Net interest spread refers to the difference in borrowing and lending rates of financial institutions (such as banks) in nominal terms. It is considered analogous to .

What the Libor-OIS Spread Says - Economic Research - Federal ...
May 11, 2009 . interest obligation to the other. The term Libor-OIS spread is assumed to be a measure of the health of banks because it reflects what banks .

FinAid | Loans | Spread between PRIME and LIBOR
It is the interest rate at which lenders can borrow money from other banks. . will increasingly lead to long-term stability in the spread between PRIME and .

spread Definition | Business Dictionaries from AllBusiness.com
Dictionary of Banking Terms. spread. Banking. The percentage difference between the interest rate charged on a bank loan and the lender's cost of funds.

Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This difference is referred to as the spread between the cost of funds and the loan . The United States has the most banks in the world in terms of institutions .

Special Repo Rates: An Introduction - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
tity of reserves in the banking system on a short- . spread between the general collateral rate and the . mium in terms of expected future repo spreads and .

Bank Performance Terminology India
BANK PERFORMANC TERMINOLOGY. Burden efficiency ratio: . Net spread is an alternative term for operating profit in the banking industry. The net spread to .

Forex Trading - Online Forex Trading - Trade FX
DISCOVER OUR UNIQUE TERMS . Your spread: 1.5 Initial Deposit Amount. Above spread is for EUR/USD and selected major crosses. . to weaken against a basket of currencies on the fears that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will act .

Credit Spread Definition | Investopedia
The spread between Treasury securities and non-Treasury securities that are identical . Term Of The Day . The Rise And Fall Of The Shadow Banking System .

An Analysis of Interest Rate Spread in the Banking Sector in ...
spread. Similarly, market share of deposits of a bank, statutory reserve requirements, and NSD certificate interest rates affect the IRS. The analysis in terms of .

Guidelines for Spreading Financial Statements - Export-Import Bank ...
Purpose: This paper provides guidance on spreading the financial . Trade payables, short-term bank debt and accruals should be shown in that order in the .

PIMCO | Investment Basics - What Are Interest Rate Swaps and How ...
Investment and commercial banks with strong credit ratings are swap . While the swap spread can be also be driven by short-term supply and demand .

Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle >> Rates
Hedging and funding of long-term assets are most often accomplished utilizing a blended funding approach. The Seattle Bank has the tools to build a blended .

Modeling Term Structures of Swap Spreads - Som.yale.edu
In a perfect world in which the set of reference banks for all three major currencies are identical, short-term financing spreads (i.e., LIBOR over GC-repo) should .

What is interbank spread? definition and meaning
Definition of interbank spread: The range of prices established through a . for the sale of currencies and bank notes expressed in terms of a bid and offer price.

Definition of Interest Rate Spread | eHow.com
The interest rate spread is used to compensate for risks associated with future unknowns. . Long-term loans involve a greater time-span into the future, with . The federal funds rate is the rate that banks charge each other for overnight loans .

Programs - High School - Banks in Action
Students are introduced to short-term deposit and loan products. They play a game that illustrates how a bank's income is affected by spread (the difference .

bid/ask spread of banks represent the differential between the bid and ask quotes . lead bank responsible for negotiating terms and organizing group of banks .

The MRI Blog | Intelligence to help you price with precision.
Sep 12, 2012 . Weekly Term Accounts APY Spread and Premium Index-September 10 . As new technologies have emerged to make banking easier, .

Thoughts about FTP - IFC
Through fund transfer pricing a bank can analyze more efficiently its net interest margin, because fund transfer . vary according to repricing term and other attributes. The Matched . Marginal spread for each product is accurately measured.

What is the meaning of the banking term clearing? | Answers ...
Get the answer to "What is the meaning of the banking term clearing? . economy in terms of high growth rates...unevenly spread, meaning, huge discrepancies.

RBA: Bulletin March Quarter 2010-Recent Developments in Banks ...
Term deposits have accounted for most of the growth in banks' deposit funding. . over, the average spread on banks' outstanding long-term debt is estimated to .

Swissquote Bank > Products > Trading Conditions > Spreads
Spreads. Swissquote Bank offers 4 types of accounts and minimum spreads in pips based on your initial deposit on Advanced Trader and Metatrader 4.

Syndicated Loan
Most syndicated loans are floaters, paying a spread over Libor, but other structures . a Tranch B structured as a fixed-rate term loan and offered to non- bank .

Compare Interest Rates, BanxQuote Jumbo-Conforming Mortgage Spread, . by the Dow Jones Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms as an "Index of rates paid .

Concentration risk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Concentration risk is a banking term denoting the overall spread of a bank's outstanding accounts over the number or variety of debtors to whom the bank has .

Fund Transfer Pricing for Deposits and Loans, Foundation and ...
Oct 12, 2011 . premium in the case of long-term funding, and finally the choice of a consistent methodology to incorporate the credit spread on the bank's own .

Floating Home Loan BPLR or RPLR v/s Base Rate, BPLR, Base Rate
Jul 18, 2011 . Review: Axis Bank's “Happy Ending Home Loan” 7 Reasons Why You . proceeding further let me introduce 1 more term “Spread” for floating .

International banking products,services and financial solutions from ...
Some of the services provided are nri banking,foreign currency loans, finance services . banking relationship networks both in terms of strength and spread. 1.

FHLB Dallas - Interest Rates - Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
Please visit Rates Overview for information regarding the Bank's advances pricing . Bullet Rates, Amortizing, LIBOR, Short Term . Rate, Spread, Rate, Spread .

Banking: A Glossary of Political Economy Terms - Dr. Paul M. Johnson
Banking. In the broadest sense of the term, “banking” is the business of accepting . The bank's profits arise mainly from the (positive) spread between its costs of .

c. customers of commercial and central banks. ORGANIZATION OF . Percent Spread Formula (PS): THE SPOT MARKET . Longer-term Contracts. PART IV.

Net interest margin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Net interest margin is similar in concept to net interest spread, but the net . For example, a bank's average loans to customers was $100.00 in a year while it . the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Our News | CurrencyFair
Jun 6, 2011 . In banking terms this is called the “spread”. However it can be difficult to get brokers to provide the exact spread at the time a rate is quoted.

Syndicated Loan Spreads and the Composition of the Syndicate
Aug 28, 2012 . facility's syndicate, the facility has a larger spread premium relative to Term Loan A facilities or revolvers of the same loan relative to bank-only .

TED spread - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Long term history of the TED spread . This is because T-bills are considered risk -free while LIBOR reflects the credit risk of lending to commercial banks.

Floating interest rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The rate for such debt will usually be referred to as a spread or margin over the base rate: . A customer borrows $50,000 from a bank; the terms of the loan are .

The LIBOR-OIS Spread as a Summary Indicator - Economic Research
The LIBOR-OIS spread has been a closely watched barometer of distress in . ( LIBOR) is the interest rate at which banks borrow unsecured funds from other banks in . the bank can guarantee itself longer-term funding while still paying close .

Structured investment vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The strategy of SIVs was to borrow money by issuing short-term securities, such as . A SIV may be thought of as a very simple high quality, virtual bank. . assets, and earning the credit spread differential between its assets and liabilities.

Bear Call Spread Definition | Investopedia
Investopedia explains 'Bear Call Spread' . Sign Up For Term of the Day! . Learn why option spreads offer trading opportunities with limited risk and greater .

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Pip Definition | Investopedia
Sign Up For Term of the Day! . Spread-To-Pip Potential: Which Pairs Are Worth Day Trading? Spreads play a significant factor in profitable forex trading.

Average Daily Float Definition | Investopedia
The banking term for float is most commonly applied to banks, although it can . the bid/ask spread and a number of other aspects of how the stock is valued.

Rate Spread - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
The amended regulation requires that lenders report the spread between the Annual . The applicants accept the terms, and the bank verbally locks the rate on .

Haircut financial definition of Haircut. Haircut finance term by the ...
(1) The term “haircut” comes from the fact that market makers can trade at such a thin spread. (2) When securities are used as collateral, they generally are .

LIBOR–OIS spread - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The spread between the two rates is considered to be a measure of health of . The OIS allows LIBOR-based banks to borrow at a fixed rate of interest over . the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

underwriting spread Definition | Business Dictionaries from ...
Dictionary of Banking Terms. underwriting spread. dollar difference between the amount paid by the underwriting group in a new issue of securities and the price .

Carry (investment) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For instance, the traditional income stream from commercial banks is to . lend expensive (at the long-term rate, which is usually higher than the short-term rate). . at 6% (thus earning the 3% spread), and were on the golf course by 3 pm in the .

Bid-Ask Spread Definition | Investopedia
Investopedia explains 'Bid-Ask Spread' . The size of the spread from one asset to another will differ mainly because of the . Sign Up For Term of the Day!

Municipals-Over-Bonds Spread (MOB) Definition | Investopedia
Most MOB spread calculations actually use the yield implicit in futures prices for . including bond pricing, yield, term structure of interest rates and duration.

Basis points - Financial Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Meaning of Basis points as a finance term. . However, in just over a month, the spread rose to 85 basis points on September 14, 2007, when the Bank of .

Discount window - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term originated with the practice of sending a bank representative to a . This reduced the spread of the primary credit rate over the fed funds rate from 100 .

The Spread. Students are introduced to short-term deposit and loan products. They play a game that illustrates. how a bank's income is affected by spread (the .

Prime rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term originally indicated the rate of interest at which banks lent to favored . the prime rate (index) plus a fixed value commonly called the spread or margin.

butterfly spread Definition | Business Dictionaries from AllBusiness ...
Dictionary of Banking Terms. butterfly spread. options strategy designed to profit from stable or decreasing volatility. The spread involves trades in four call .

BPS financial definition of BPS. BPS finance term by the Free Online ...
Meaning of BPS as a finance term. What does . In the media, perhaps its most common use is in reporting a central bank's changes to prevailing interest rates.

gross spread Definition | Business Dictionaries from AllBusiness.com
Dictionary of Banking Terms. gross spread. underwriter's margin in issuing new securities, or the difference between the price at which securities are sold to the .

Peer-to-peer banking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Peer-to-peer banking is an online system that allows individual members to . third party banking institution intermediaries the rates and terms are often much more . Unlike conventional banking where the spread between deposit rates and .

What is bid-offer spread? definition and meaning
Definition of bid-offer spread: nounthe difference between buying and selling prices (i.e. between the bid and offer prices) . Popular 'Banking' Terms. negotiable .

Credit spread: Definition from Answers.com
Credit Spread 1. . The spread between Treasury securities and non-Treasury securities that are . Barron's Banking Dictionary Dictionary of Banking Terms.

Pro-Rata Tranche Definition | Investopedia
The pro-rata tranche is syndicated by banks, as opposed to institutional tranches, . By forming a syndicate, banks involved in the deal can spread the credit risks . historically been much larger than institutional tranches in terms of dollar size.

What is interbank spread? definition and meaning
Definition of interbank spread: The range of prices established through a . for the sale of currencies and bank notes expressed in terms of a bid and offer price.

Yield curve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, a bank may offer a "savings rate" higher than the normal checking . Corporate yield curves are often quoted in terms of a "credit spread" over the .

Cost Of Funds Definition | Investopedia
. when the funds are deployed in the form of short-term and long-term loans to borrowers. . The spread between the cost of funds and the interest rate charged to . For lenders such as banks and credit unions, cost of funds is determined by .

Floating rate note: Definition from Answers.com
Barron's Banking Dictionary: . medium-term international credit for commercial banks active in Euromarket lending . The spread is a rate that remains constant.

credit spread Definition | Business Dictionaries from AllBusiness.com
Dictionary of Banking Terms. credit spread. yield difference between Treasury securities and comparable non-Treasury securities, such as mortgage-backed .

Forex Glossary - ACM
Swissquote Forex glossary regroups the most commonly used terminology in currency . no commission is charged as the broker makes money through the spread. . Counter party: The customer or bank with whom a foreign deal is made .

Extract from the Red Book - The Bank's current ... - Bank of England
Dec 1, 2010 . 67 The Bank indexes the rate charged in indexed long-term repo . bid by submitting a nominal amount and a spread to Bank Rate expressed .

Credit Derivatives and Bank Credit Supply - Federal Reserve Bank ...
comes on the terms of lending – loan maturity and loan spreads – rather than on the volume of lending. Finally, the extent to which a bank engages in other .

Syndicated loan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At the most basic level, arrangers serve the investment-banking role of raising . base rate) sufficient to attract the interest of non-bank term loan investors. . After this market read, the arrangers will launch the deal at a spread and fee that it .

Banking Terms | Unofficial Guide to Banking
Banking jargon sounds complicated but it's there to make bankers' jobs easier. . developed computer algorithms to spread the investments in such a way that .

Bank run - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Banks can charge much higher interest on their long-term loans than they pay . Transparency may help prevent crises spreading through the banking system.

What is LIBOR? definition and meaning
The interest rate that the banks charge each other for loans (usually in Eurodollars). This rate is applicable to the short-term international interbank market, and . Understanding a Credit Crisis and Analyzing Its Factors · TED Spread as an .

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Creative Commons License how to buy zen in perfect world credit: va loan mortgage quotes

Slippage Definition | Investopedia
Slippage is a term often used in both forex and stock trading, and although . Slippage in the trading of stocks, often occurs when there is a change in spread.

Swaption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although options can be traded on a variety of swaps, the term "swaption" typically . frequency of settlement of payments on the underlying swap = basis point spread . End users such as corporations and banks typically use swaptions to .

Asset-Liability Management
Asset-liability management (ALM) is a term whose meaning has evolved. It is used in . bank is earning a 20 basis point spread—but it entails considerable risk.

Excess Spread: Definition from Answers.com
Excess Spread An Asset-Backed Securities term for yield remaining after payments to bondholders . Barron's Banking Dictionary Dictionary of Banking Terms.

Financial Glossary | Detailed Glossary of Financial Terms A-C | Oz ...
Total amount of exposure a bank has with a customer for both spot and . A spread designed to exploit falling exchange rates by purchasing a call option with a .

Swap (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In return for matching the two parties together, the bank takes a spread from the . There are two ways to value swaps: in terms of bond prices, or as a portfolio of .

Fixed income - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The terms on which investors will finance the company will depend on the risk . and repay the principal on the loan (bond, bank loan, or preferred stock). . and loans are generally priced as a credit spread above a low-risk reference rate, .

Commercial paper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. corporations to get money to meet short term debt obligations (for example, . Banks often charge fees for the amount of the line of the credit that does not .

Learn - Saxo Bank Financial Spreads
. Demo Account. Applying for an account with Saxo Bank Financial Spreads couldn't be easier. . Please read our Spread Trading Terms & Conditions Terms & .

Banker's Glossary - A - American Banker
Banks Can Make Small-Dollar Credit Products Work . Ex-Sterling Lenders Receive Long Prison Terms for Fraud Scheme . distribution, asset and liability pricing, balance sheet size, funding, spread management, and interest rate sensitivity .

Earning Assets: Definition from Answers.com
What is the other earning assets in a bank? . Barron's Banking Dictionary Dictionary of Banking Terms. . Spread on Interest-Bearing Funds (insurance term) .

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An assessment of the long-term economic ... - Financial Stability Board
requirements to lending spreads, or the cost of borrowing more generally, . event such as a banking crisis (probability times its cost in terms of output) in order .

Proposal for a Revision of Loan Pricing - African Development Bank
A review of the adequacy of the lending spread for new loans should be performed within the framework of the Medium Term Financial Outlook of the. Bank.

Market interventions during the financial crisi: how effective ... - IMF
preliminary examination of the longer-term impact of these interventions on their intended target . spread of the respective national banks. The event study is .

Bailout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It may also be used to allow a failing entity to fail gracefully without spreading . 1998 - Long-Term Capital Management, by banks and investment houses, not .

Credit default swap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4 Terms of a typical CDS contract; 5 Settlement . In the days and weeks leading up to Bear's collapse, the bank's CDS spread widened dramatically, indicating .

Total Return Swaps: Credit Derivatives and ... - YieldCurve.com
term of the TR swap. If we assume Bank A has access to Libor funding, it will receive a spread on this from Bank B. Under the terms of the swap, Bank B will pay .

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Glossary of Terms | ACT
In relation to facilities provided by a group of banks, the lead bank is the . So LIBOR is the higher rate, and LIBID is the lower rate, by the amount of the spread.

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The Basics of LIBOR - London Inter Bank Offered Rate
LIBOR, or the London Inter Bank Offered Rate, is the most famous barometer for . for short-term interest rates in the world, the London Inter Bank Offered Rate, . A small, impoverished nation, for example, may have to pay a spread of a .

Expat Exchange - The Pitfalls of International Money Transfer ...
Jun 11, 2011 . This is called the spread in banking terms but in retail terms it's really the commission. So now your £1 is going to cost you, say, €1.18. But the .

Swap Bank Definition | Investopedia
. for those who want to participate in swap agreements. The swap bank typically earns a slight premium for facilitating the swap. . Sign Up For Term of the Day!

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