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Top 10 Political Scandals in France | French | Nicolas Sarkozy
This political scandal in 2007 revolved around the Luxembourg bank Clearstream Banking S.A., which allegedly helped .

Part 11: The opaque world of Clearstream meets - Yet another ...
Nov 11, 2006 . Headwaters of the scandal. Clearstream is the name of a banking clearing-house in Luxembourg . In 2004, an anonymous informant provided .

Ex-French PM's Clearstream acquittal upheld - YouTube
Sep 14, 2011 . The Clearstream case centred on a forged list of names, made . The scandal became known as the Clearstream affair after the bank involved.

Clearstream Banking S.A. created in 2000.
Clearstream Banking S.A. (CB) is the custody and settlement division of . 4.1 " The greatest financial scandal in Luxembourg is a flop" .


The Space Review: EADS, Clearstream, and the future of France's ...
May 30, 2006 . The fallout from the Clearstream scandal could tarnish the French space . held illegal accounts at Clearstream, a bank in Luxembourg.

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List of corporate scandals - Reference
A corporate scandal is a scandal involving allegations of .

Clearstream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which, although . continued to operate via Clearstream through unpublished . in one of Italy's major financial and political scandals .

FTR #458 Interview with Lucy Komisar about Offshore Banking
Jun 3, 2004. used in the offshore banking business; the Enron scandal; the Stanley Works imbroglio; the use of Clearstream by Colombian drug traffickers; .

Clearstream Banking SA - Company Research - BusinessWeek
Clearstream Banking S.A. company research & investing information. . Rain, recession, and another round of scandal in The City: Let the Games begin!

The Clearstream trial: a conflict in the French bourgeoisie
Nov 7, 2009 . The month-long Clearstream trial, hearings for which ended on October . a list of account holders at the Clearstream inter-bank payment-clearing firm, . the Elf Affair & Angola arms sale scandal, the Taiwan frigate sale affair, .

Clearstream affair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Second "Clearstream affair" was a political scandal in France in the run-up to the 2007 presidential election. The name refers to the Luxembourg bank .

The Komisar Scoop | Reports & Analysis by Investigative Journalist ...
Russian Deputy PM says 1,000 Russian banks are money-launderers ». April 4, 2011 - Sergey . to sell to Serbia · Clearstream: Explosive Revelation$ . The Real AIG Scandal: How the Game is Rigged at Wall Street's Casino. AlterNet, March .

BBC NEWS | Europe | Timeline: France's Clearstream scandal
May 2, 2006 . A chronology of key events in the French corruption scandal threatening to . The documents contain bank account numbers at Clearstream, .

[hz] | Facebook
Clearstream, which has been qualified as "the greatest financial scandal in Luxembourg" (Clearstream is a clearing house, i.e. sort of a "bank of banks", used to .

Is Citibank Being Abused By The Islamic Republic Of Iran? - Forbes
Nov 15, 2011 . For years, Clearstream has been accused of being an international . It has allegedly operated “hundreds of confidential accounts for banks so they could . It has also been embroiled in numerous scandals for maintaining .

jpk update: July 2007
Jul 19, 2007 . The Clearstream scandal is the world's biggest yet. Clearstream is the world's biggest clearing bank, verifying 70 per cent of foreign payments .

Bank Menatep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scandal. The bank's financial condition was seriously damaged . However, according to Ernest Backes, former #3 of Clearstream, .

French corruption scandals: Peering into the murk | The Economist
Oct 29, 2009 . French corruption scandals . then a fellow government minister and fierce rival, and other politicians to false bank accounts supposedly containing kickbacks from arms deals. . France's Clearstream trial: Victim or villain?

Who's who in France's 'trial of the decade' - FRANCE 24
Oct 24, 2009 . The Clearstream scandal has the dimensions of a political potboiler, . bank accounts at Luxembourg-based clearing house, Clearstream.

Chirac refuses to testify over dirty tricks scandal - Democratic ...
The Clearstream scandal centred on faked bank documents bearing names of prominent figures -- including Sarkozy -- who were falsely .

Attack victims sue Clearstream Banking -
Aug 16, 2011 . Family members of victims of a 1983 terrorist attack in Beirut are suing Clearstream Banking of Luxembourg, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse, .

Banco Ambrosiano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Banco Ambrosiano's banking subsidiaries were placed into the receivership of the . 1 Members; 2 Before 1981; 3 After 1981; 4 Clearstream scandal; 5 Roberto .

Unworthy of the guillotine, Paris's graft is no less vile - 01 - 2012 ...
Dec 22, 2011 . Dominique de Villepin, a former prime minister, last year successfully won the Clearstream Banking case - another scandal involving bribes .

Muddy Waters - France Today
Apr 11, 2010 . But Clearstream is also a bank, and it's based in one of the . accused over the years in a plethora of financial scandals—Banco Ambrosiano, .

Paris court upholds Villepin acquittal in Clearstream case - France 24
Sep 14, 2011. 2007 presidential bid in a scandal dubbed the Clearstream affair. . at the Clearstream bank in Luxembourg who had allegedly received .

Clearstream Introduces New Media Selling Platform for Online ...
Jul 18, 2012 . The scandal became known as the Clearstream affair after the bank involved.'s_Clearstream_acquittal_upheld .

JP Morgan Chase attacks the Vatican - Democrats, Republicans ...
Mar 20, 2012 . One of the main figures in that scandal (which included allegations of . activities by the Luxembourg-based bank Clearstream Banking S.A. .

Ernest Backes - WikiLeaks
Blowing the whistle in the Clearstream scandal. Backes . scandal. In 1971, he was hired by Cedel, set up in 1970 by a consortium of 66 international banks.

Another Lead in Siemens Bribery Probe - Paradis fiscaux et judiciaires
There they could seek information from Clearstream, the international . It gained membership on the insistence of a former CEO who was fired after a scandal. . But it would have had to get there via "onshore" banks in Germany or other .

Appeals court holds final session in Clearstream case - FRANCE ...
May 26, 2011. in the Clearstream scandal, in which he was accused of slandering . at the Clearstream bank in Luxembourg who had allegedly received .

List of corporate scandals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A corporate scandal is a scandal involving allegations of unethical behavior by . scandal in Luxembourg" (Clearstream is a clearing house, i.e. sort of a "bank of .

Clearstream and muddy waters - The Economist
May 17, 2001 . IT HAS been a bad year for Clearstream International, one of Europe's biggest . A whiff of scandal at one of Europe's clearing organisations . Banks say that costs in Europe are several times America's, where the Depository .

Money Laundering
Executive quits in front of US Senate as bank faces massive fines for 'horrific' . Argentina's banking scandal deepens: A congressional committee originally set . reporter, accuses Clearstream of having been involved in money laundering.

A Few More Details on Iranian Bank Scandal Involving Ahmadinejad ...
Oct 9, 2011 . Last week we posted a link to an article about a brewing banking scandal in which Iranian President Ahmadinejad has been implicated…

Vatican Bank: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article
The Institute was involved in a major political and financial scandal in the 1980s, . Clearstream Banking S.A. is the clearing and settlement division of Deutsche .

Cetip, Clearstream consider collateral management deal, Brazil ...
Feb 17, 2010. firm Cetip and Luxembourg-based Clearstream Banking have signed a . RegionalDespite financial scandals, CFA still see self-regulation as .,_Clearstream_consider_collateral_management_deal

Hacker Spawns a French Watergate
Jul 12, 2006 . New evidence in the so-called Clearstream affair suggests a computer intruder cracked a Luxembourg bank to frame French politicians for bribery -- adding a high-tech twist to a scandal that's become a national obsession.,71363-0.html

News - Centro Studi Monetari
Cramer scandal shows regulators fail to police market manipulation - By . Matthias Ganz, former CEO of Clearstream Banking AG, the Seigniorage Black Hole .

We Have Not Yet Heard The Last Of Jacques Chirac . . . | Redstate
The murky scandal centered on damaging but false allegations that Sarkozy _ a one-time Chirac protege who later became a political rival _ had secret bank accounts. . Chirac reiterated his denial of wrongdoing in the Clearstream case.

Clearstream Veteran Metoudi Resigns - ISS
Metoudi joined Clearstream in 1992 as head of the Hong Kong office and has . scandal involving Barclays Bank, it shouldn't be replaced, caution bank and .

Ex-French PM's Clearstream acquittal upheld - Aljazeera
Sep 14, 2011. Dominique de Villepin, a former prime minister, over a political scandal in which . The Clearstream case centred on a forged list of names, made . to a corruption investigation relating to secret Luxembourg bank accounts.

Villepin Wins French Appeals Court Ruling in Clearstream Affair ...
Sep 14, 2011 . A Paris appeals court upheld a 2010 decision clearing the politician in the so- called Clearstream affair. The scandal, involving fake accounts .

Bank secrecy | Bank, Swiss, Banks, Secrecy, Money
Bank secrecy Bank secrecy (or bank privacy) is a legal principle under which . the Vatican Bank in the 1990s, the Clearstream scandal and September 11, .

Clearstream Case - A New Dawn For Investigative Journalism?
. the financial clearing house Clearstream could be used by banks, organisations . conspiracy theory, others described it as the biggest financial scandal of the .

A Book Too Hot For U.S. to Handle? Tracking Terrorist Money ...
Clients of Clearstream can be bankers, investment managers, offshore . also trace financial movements tied to national scandals such as investments of .

Prosecutor seeks suspended sentence for Villepin - France 24
May 23, 2011 . At the heart of the so-called Clearstream trial was a forged list of names linking Sarkozy among others to . Clearstream scandal: a happy end?

citibank - competitors | Global Oneness
About citibank - competitors: Citibank was founded in 1812 as City Bank of New York. Citibank is now the consumer and corporate banking arm of financial... . Clearstream was formed in 1999 from the merger of Cedel International, . Following the scandal lifted by Denis Robert and Ernest Backes publication of .

The Clearstream affair: French right wing in crisis
May 17, 2006 . An additional factor is that the Clearstream scandal threatens to bring . Global manufacturing slumps as European banks seek bailouts · The .

Bank secrecy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Created by the Swiss Banking Act of 1934, which led to the famous Swiss . the Vatican Bank in the 1990s, the Clearstream scandal and the terrorist attacks of .

The profession is working on a Code of conduct Atlanta ...
Apr 16, 2012 . As international central depository Clearstream, a subsidiary of . to the new system of the European Central Bank Finally, the ECB said . We are in the Clearstream case as the Watergate Hotel is to the Watergate scandal.

Villepin Takes the Stand in 'Clearstream' Trial -
Sep 30, 2009 . The case is known here as the “Clearstream” scandal. . was said to hold secret bank accounts at the Clearstream financial clearinghouse in .

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After the 1934 Swiss Banking Act which created the principle of bank secrecy, Meyer . The scandal prompted André Lussi, Clearstream CEO, to resign on .

Villepin's acquittal upheld in Clearstream affair - The Connexion
Sep 14, 2011 . FORMER prime minister Dominique de Villepin has been acquitted of involvement in the Clearstream scandal. Prosecutors had appealed .

Silobreaker A Luxembourg-based fund run by Switzerland's biggest bank UBS . Clearstream scandal to return to haunt Sarkozy publication date: Dec 18, .

In These Times * Explosive Revelation$
Mar 15, 2002 . The world's biggest banks and multinational corporations have set up a shadowy . But a former top official of this “clearinghouse” says Clearstream operates a . The scandal made headlines in big European newspapers; .

ftr23532's Journal
A major banking scandal is rocking the Austrian political elites – left and right. . Al Taqwa had access to the Clearstream system through its correspondent .

Villepin returns to court over Sarkozy smear charges - FRANCE ...
May 2, 2011 . Clearstream - France's trial of the decade . How a finance trial turned into a major political scandal . Clearstream bank in Luxembourg who allegedly received kickbacks from the sale of . Clearstream scandal: a happy end?

French landmark case: A new dawn for investigative journalism ...
Jan 11, 2012. claiming that the financial clearing house Clearstream could be used by banks, . theory, others described it as the biggest financial scandal of the decade. . According to Robert, at the time of his investigation, Clearstream offered . All I can say is that, at the time, the way Clearstream worked made it .

Deutsche Bourse in Clearstream deal - News - Evening Standard
. defied the protests of some of the world's biggest investment banks and unveiled plans . of pan-European clearing house Clearstream in a e1.6bn (£ 974m) deal. . EXCLUSIVE: Scandal of care children 'exported' from home boroughs and .

2012 : EXCEPTIONS, THE GREEN GALLERY ... - Lucie Fontaine
This piece refers to Clearsteam a banking system specialized in settling and ensuring . Clearstream/Whitenoise functions noiselessly in the background, helping people . were used to transfer kickbacks in a France-Taiwan frigates scandal.

Eva Joly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. has become an icon in the battle against possible frauds by the banking elite. . about the Clearstream scandal (Clearstream has been qualified as a "bank of .

Backstage at the Clearstream trial - FRANCE 24
Oct 7, 2009 . The court hearings in the Clearstream case start at 1:30 pm, and often run on until late in the evening. . in front of the court's bank of microphones, again flatly contradicting one another. . Clearstream scandal: a happy end?

Crédit Lyonnais - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the early 1990s it was the largest French bank, majority state-owned at that point. . the bank was the subject of numerous financial scandals, contributing to a huge . was one of the many banks to hold unpublished accounts in Clearstream, .

Bank of Credit and Commerce International - Wikipedia, the free ...
The Bank was registered in Luxembourg with head offices in Karachi and London. . including transfers of money and weapons related to the Iran-Contra scandal, . former number three of Clearstream, described as a "bank of banks" which .

Robert Bourgi and the "dirty cash" scandal - FRANCE 24
Sep 14, 2011 . Also, French banks take a hammering on fears the Greek debt crisis could bring them down. Finally . Clearstream scandal: a happy end?

Clear Stream Media: May 2012
May 24, 2012 . Posted by Clear Stream Media at 4:55 PM No comments: . After the Savings and Loan scandal almost 1,000 bankers went to jail. It needs to .

Elf Aquitaine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Auchi was also linked to the Clearstream scandal. He is BNP Paribas bank's main private share-holder; and until 2001, the money for the Oil-for-Food .

Banks | The Komisar Scoop
There are a lot of high-rolling bankers who do not want that amendment to pass, . Dash noted that Citigroup had beefed up its compliance staff after scandals, . called Clearstream, which transfers money for international banks and major .

'Clearstream affair' trial that gripped France comes to an end | World ...
Oct 23, 2009 . Hearings involved spies, bribery and bank accounts • Sarkozy . A trial that has come to be known as the Clearstream affair, pitting the former prime minister . Judges summon De Villepin after new evidence in smear scandal .

France: The affairs the Clearstream trial aims to suppress
Nov 7, 2009 . A decades-long series of corruption scandals, bound up with oil and arms deals, constitute the essential legal background to the Clearstream Affair. . In 2004, using Swiss bank records, Taiwan proved that the final sale price .

France's Epic Political Rivalry: Villepin on Trial Over Alleged Plot to ...
Sep 21, 2009 . His involvement in a financial scandal earned him the personal enmity of . Apart from Villepin, there is the bank employee at Clearstream who .

YouTube - Clearstream - YouTube
Clearstream Banking S.A. is the clearing and settlement division of Deutsche Börse, based in . Clearstream was created in January 2000 through the merger of Cedel . a former prime minister, over a political scandal in which he was accu.

Offshore bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Offshore banking has often been associated with the underground economy and . told to reporter Lucy Komisar, investigating on the Clearstream scandal: .

Algo Appointments News : Automated Trader
Secaucus, NJ - FiberMedia Group, LLC, the data center .

Ex-French PM's Clearstream acquittal upheld . Villepin, a former prime minister, over a political scandal in which he was accused of smearing Nicolas Sarkozy, .

Spitfire List | FTR #387 Interview with Lucy Komisar on The Financial ...
Dec 3, 2002 . Originally called “Cedel,” the Clearstream network was set up by, . in accounts in European banks that were not subject to scrutiny by the United States. . Laden, Khalid bin Mahfouz was a central figure in the BCCI scandal.

Citigroup: A Culture And History Of Tax Evasion - Tax Justice Network
The Nassau Parking Scandal of 1975-1980: laundering profits. •. Laundering Money . Private Banking, the key to the system: Laundering money for. Salinas, Bongo, the . The Clearstream accounts: another secret system for moving money .

Sarkozy vs. de Villepin: French Clearstream Trial Begins - TIME
Sep 22, 2009 . The case is known as "Clearstream" — a reference to a Luxembourg bank in which a number of top . (See the top 10 political sex scandals.) .,8599,1925176,00.html

14 More Arrested in Iranian Bank Fraud Case | Shariah Finance Watch
Oct 12, 2011 . In recent weeks, we've been following the story of the bank fraud scandal that could embroil Iran's president. This is a significant scandal for .

Nov 1, 2010 . Clearstream is no stranger to bank scandals Clearstream Argentina basically told the bankster gangsters to 'Piss Off .

November 25, 2011: BATS Wins Final Approval To Buy Chi-X ...
Nov 25, 2011 . The Supervisory Board of Clearstream Banking AG confirmed Wolf's . the Olympus Corp scandal in Japan reveals evidence of “significant .

Fool Me Twice | The Komisar Scoop
The Russian banking scandal should have been no surprise to Western financial experts. The Bank of New York laundered some $7 billion in Russian money .

Shadowy system to secretly move trillions of dollars
Aug 10, 2003 . The world's biggest banks and multinational corporations have set up a shadowy . But a former top official of this “clearinghouse” says Clearstream operates a . The scandal made headlines in big European newspapers; .

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Creative Commons License zappos white watches credit: discount shopping sites for women

Clearing (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In banking and finance, clearing denotes all activities from the time a . Clearing house (finance) · Banker's clearing house · Clearstream scandal; SWIFT .

Spitfire List | FTR #531 Interview with Lucy Komisar about Offshore
Nov 8, 2005 . There are more than 4000 offshore banks thought to exist in about 70 . about the Clearstream network and the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, .

Clearstream affair threatens reputation of judiciary -
May 16, 2006 . The Clearstream affair, France's latest political scandal, has already damaged the credibility of the government, embarrassed a top intelligence .

Commentary: Europe Needs an Independent Settlement System ...
Jun 3, 2001. the wake of the scandal that engulfed Clearstream International in May. Some predict the takeover of a damaged Clearstream by the . The book says that Clearstream operated hundreds of confidential accounts for banks .

Former French PM Villepin to stand trial in Clearstream smear case ...
Nov 19, 2008 . The trial, expected to begin in 2010, will reopen the last scandal of the Chirac years – a murky tale of spies, secret bank accounts and a brutal .

Sarkozy muddies Clearstream case | euronews, world news
Sep 24, 2009. the election campaign in 2007 by implicating him in a corruption scandal. . The name Clearstream comes from the Luxembourg bank where .

De Villepin wins Clearstream appeal -
Sep 14, 2011. of complicity in the Clearstream smear campaign against his bitter rival . concerning alleged secret bank accounts held by Mr Sarkozy in the run-up to . de Villepin was this weekend implicated in a second alleged scandal.

Police question former French prime minister about alleged fraud ...
Sep 11, 2012 . De Villepin became embroiled in the scandal after police phone taps from 2010 . Clearstream is a bank clearinghouse based in Luxembourg.

Clearstream: Clients, Patrons, and French Political Parricide ...
Oct 20, 2009. in the course of an investigation into a kickback scandal involving the . get to find out what Left Bank intellectuals did during their holidays in the sun). . Clearstream really began in 1995, when Nicolas Sarkozy, originally a .

Vatican plunges in scandal with butler's arrest for leaks - Worldnews ...
May 27, 2012 . Vatican plunges in scandal with butler's arrest for leaks . AR) "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than .

Crime & Corruption | The Komisar Scoop
It is well known that offshore banking centers such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and . The Real AIG Scandal: How the Game is Rigged at Wall Street's Casino . There they could seek information from Clearstream, the international financial .

90“A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be” — unknown

Curious mass resignations from Banks -
Mar 20, 2012 . Curiously well concerted mass resignations from Banks, . under investigation and part of scandals, having participated in treasonous .; 11/ 23/11 (GERMANY) CEO of Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt .

Crt Lyonnais / Enterprise (France) -
Jul 13, 2011 . HistoryThe bank was created by Henri Germain on 6 July 1863. . During the 1990er years stood the bank in the center of numerous financial scandals, . as well as other banks of unpublizierter accounts with Clearstream.

French prime minister questioned in dirty tricks scandal - Europe ...
Dec 21, 2006 . At the heart of the scandal is a list of bank accounts at the Luxembourg-based clearinghouse Clearstream that purports to link several top .

Daniel M. Deilgat's Blog: Banco Ambrosiano; The scandal that led to ...
Jul 7, 2008 . Banco Ambrosiano was one of many banks to have un-published accounts with Clearstream. Both Soisson and another man who worked at .

Increasing suspicion keeps falling upon endless scandals and affairs . Thousands of secret accounts are reported hidden inside Clearstream, for leading banks .

Clearstream Banking S.A. (CB) is the clearing division, based in. Luxembourg, of Deutsche . used to transfer kickbacks in a France–Taiwan frigates scandal.

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Russia | The Komisar Scoop
And then he said, “There are more than 1,000 banks in Russia. . The Real AIG Scandal: How the Game is Rigged at Wall Street's Casino . Clearstream, based in Luxembourg, is one of two international clearinghouses that keep track of the .

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Iran Escalates Again, Cuts Off Oil Shipments To Spain | ZeroHedge; 11/23/11 (GERMANY) CEO of Clearstream Banking AG, . is in a state of flux after it was hit by a corporate governance scandal in which its .

American Kabuki: BANKER RESIGNATIONS; 11/23/11 (GERMANY) CEO of Clearstream Banking AG, . hit by a corporate governance scandal in which its chief executive, Ebi Patel, .

The devil's bankers - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition
Jul 18, 2006 . The Clearstream scandal, which is currently roiling the French political . Lussi, said: “Banks have customers and our customers are the banks.

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